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Google Photos can also recognize “handwritten Chinese” notes, handwritten photos to text

Through Google’s AI recognition technology, the OCR text recognition function not only improves the accuracy, but also can be more conveniently applied in many daily situations. For example, ” Large trick! Use the Google Translate App to copy the text on the handwriting paper .”

The ” Smart Camera ” feature has been expanded to include Google Camera, Google Photos and other tools, so the original album management tool can also be converted into: ” If you turn Google Photos into a business card, poster, paper OCR finishing tool ? “

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until after the application of computer plaything written above, I do not just introduce new features, but in their daily work and life, really often put to use! For example, when you get a lecture, a business card flyer, and a photo to your Google album , you can quickly copy the key summary and phone address.

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Because it is often used, it has recently been discovered that not only the printed handouts and flyers can identify the Chinese content above, but even my own handwritten notes can recognize and copy some of the Chinese handwritten texts above!

Of course, handwritten Chinese has a lot of limitations in terms of the chances of successfully recognizing text content because each person has different handwriting and is easy to write.

However, in my actual test, if it is similar to the following:

  • Deliberately written clean and tidy Chinese handwritten notes, such as deliberate reading notes.
  • The amount of text is not too much for handwritten Chinese post-it notes. For example, a quick note in the phone.
  • Written in English, digital content, such as handwritten English announcements.

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Then, after taking photos and uploading them to Google Photos, you can use the smart lens of Google Photos to have a large percentage of successful “handwriting to text”.
If you can write a text in English, if you can transfer the text, then there is no problem in translating into Chinese, and it can be extended to more use.

Let’s share my actual test situation, talk about which examples are easy to succeed, and what examples will identify failures.

First explain the operation mode:

It includes text recognition. (For various application cases of smart lenses, please refer to: Google Photo Album “Smart Camera” is online, allowing you to relive photos in a different way .

For example, in the picture below, on a handwritten note photo of Google Photos, press [Wisdom Lens], the text that is analyzed will appear in the white box, click on the white box, it will display the recognized text content, you can directly copy the text and turn it into a digital note.

The example of easy success is to deliberately write the notes neatly, the layout is neat, and the strokes are clear (the cursive body is not easy to succeed even if it is not scribbled).

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