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Panasonic makes face authentication technology a cloud service that can be incorporated into apps and sites

 On November 25, Panasonic announced face recognition technology using deep learning has become a cloud service. From the same day, the face authentication technology API will be provided on the cloud for corporations. Client companies can incorporate facial recognition technology into smartphone apps, websites, and entrance / exit management systems.

face recognition service

Panasonic face recognition technology

Panasonic face recognition technology can be used in situations where parts of the face are hidden with sunglasses or masks, where the face is slanted, or where there is a significant difference in brightness. The cost is monthly, and there is a fee according to the number of registered faces (5 yen per person) and the number of authentications (1 yen per person) (all without tax).

 It is offered as a function of Panasonic’s B2B IoT service “μSockets”. According to the company, it can be used to manage entry exit at multiple locations, improve the efficiency of movement within locations, and prevent impersonation.


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