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Samsung’s Project Neon promises Progressive AI

All the big names in the tech industry are striving to incorporate more advanced artificial intelligence in their products because it looks like the future will depend on it. It is no surprise that the South Korean giant ‘Samsung’ is creating hype for its latest project ‘Neon’ that will be unveiled at CES 2020 (7th Jan to 10th Jan) in Las Vegas.

The project lead, Pranav Mistry, has been the president and CEO of Samsung STAR Labs since October 2019. He has posted a teaser or two on social media, but the details of this big AI venture are still vague. The tweets about ‘Neon’ suggest that it has nothing to do with the company’s virtual assistant ‘Bixby’, or anything that the company has released earlier. The promo video trending on YouTube showcases artificial humans, and the audience is eager to learn more.

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We have seen samples of the height of AI in the famous robot ‘Sophia’ and Google’s self-driving cars, so expectations are higher than ever. Artificial intelligence has been a popular aspect of many video games and virtual reality applications. Although programmers have done a great job making fictional characters look very lifelike, they are still far from fooling us into thinking they are real people.

Until now, the use of artificial intelligence has been limited in our everyday interactions. What the majority of low-level organizations have been selling is ‘machine learning’ at best; currently, AI washing is at its peak. We have heard a lot about robots replacing humans, but in practical life, the buzz is just another theory. AI has proved that it can handle many mundane/repetitive tasks more efficiently and accurately than people can, but that is nowhere near impressive anymore.

The teaser of project Neon does feature very realistic avatars, and Samsung claims that they will be something we have never seen before. The digitalized personalities have been generated from captured data but will be capable of producing individual expressions and movements.

According to the descriptions provided by Pranav Mistry, artificial beings shall speak unpredictable things in multiple languages. Their actions/demonstrations will not be restricted to their programming but will exceed our anticipation and/or imagination. Do you believe that Samsung may have developed AI to the point where it can really think and communicate like a living person?

Samsung’s ‘Core R3’ technology sounds extraordinary, but we can only guess its range of performance and true purpose. AI that perfectly impersonates human beings could have endless possibilities, many falling under misdemeanors and felonies as well. The gaming world enthusiasts are hoping to see the highly developed AI in future games; humanlike characters will greatly enhance the user experience and fulfill bigger fantasies. The presented avatars of project ‘Neon’ could play major roles in the entertainment industry. Celebrities could make good use of them as body doubles! Maybe the idea of ‘clones’ will become a mainstream thing in the near future. 2020 has just started, so we expect many more multinational brands to bring new and cooler concepts based on artificial intelligence.


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