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Co-founder of the darknet platform Fraudsters in court

Tens of thousands of users are said to have been active on “Fraudsters” at times. Now a suspected co-founder has to answer in court.

Due to the formation of a criminal organization and other offenses, a 34-year-old man in Bad Kreuznach is responsible for having co-founded the internet platform “Fraudsters”. The trial before the district court of the Rhineland-Palatinate city began on Monday with the reading of the indictment, a court spokeswoman said. The man who was arrested in Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein, at the beginning of July and has been detained since then, is also accused of prosecution for a crime, drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons. In total, there are 113 cases, said the court spokeswoman. Of these, 109 were accused of the aid.

The defendant is said to have founded the “Fraudsters” network platform together with others in March 2016. The forum related to the English term for “fraudsters” was shut down in early April 2019. The 34-year-old is said to have operated the forum as an administrator, i.e. as technical manager.

On the one hand, the platform was supposed to be about exchanging tips for the crime on the Internet. On the other hand, an area known as the “black market” is said to have served the trade in illegal goods or data obtained illegally. The General Prosecutor’s Office in Koblenz named false official identification documents, counterfeit money, narcotics, prescription drugs, credit card data and data from user accounts for the Amazon shopping platform and the Paypal payment service.

The jurisdiction of the district court Bad Kreuznach resulted from the fact that goods were also delivered to packing stations in this city, said the court spokeswoman. At “Fraudsters” 30,000 users were registered at times, as public prosecutor Jürgen Brauer from the state central cybercrime office of the Attorney General Koblenz announced after the arrest of the accused. Everything was available there except child pornography and homicide assignments. The investigation accordingly extended to suspicion of the aid in a total of more than 1,700 cases of narcotics crimes, data theft, forgery of documents and violations of the Medicines Act.

Among other things, the platform was accessible via the so-called Darknet, an area in the network that is accessible via anonymization software. According to the prosecutor, the first investigations began in 2016.

The accused is accused of accepting money in the digital currency Bitcoin is a kind of trust model and then passing it on. A fee of five percent of the transaction value was payable to the accused and the other operators. Another source of income is said to have been advertising. The process will continue on January 10th. Further dates are initially scheduled until mid-March. 


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