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The window is out of the crowd! Tesla cargo truck Cyber ​​truck orders poured into nearly 150,000 units

Musk’s tweet: “The current order is 146,000, 42% choose dual motor, 41% three motor, 17% single motor.” He added that the order number was reached without advertising or paid promotion.

This article comes from the Central News Agency , 1LineTech authorized reprint

Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla Inc., a US electric car manufacturer, said today that the order for the electric pickup truck Cybertruck, which was unveiled on the evening of the 21st, has so far been almost 150,000.

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Reuters quoted Musk as saying: “The current order is 146,000 vehicles, 42% choose dual motors, 41% three motors, 17% single motors.” He added that the order number is in no advertising or paid promotion. Under the conclusion.

Cybertruck’s suspicion of “anti-collision glass” broke out at the high-profile new car conference in Los Angeles, California on the 21st, and the suspicion of the overall shape of this electric pickup truck was reflected in Wall Street the next day.

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After the live car cracking episode of the new car show in Los Angeles was broadcast live on the Internet,#cybertruck instantly became the hot word of Twitter.

Although Wall Street analysts appreciate the press conference, there are also some people worried that the car body shape is too avant-garde and lacks wide appeal.

Iron-gray, angular and angular like the Cybertruck of the armored car, the price jumped from $39,900 (about NT$1.228 million), Tesla is expected to start production at the end of 2021.

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The Associated Press reported that buyers should spit out $100 (about NT$3,000) when placing an order, but Tesla says the fee is 100% refundable.

The US pickup truck market is one of the most profitable automotive sectors in the world. The current market share is Ford Motor Co, General Motors Co and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV. ).


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