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Art and technology come alive at Indianapolis Woodworking Show –

MCCORDSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Each and every week Dick Wolfsie shares a story that is unique to central Indiana.

This week, Dick took a trip to Art 2 The Extreme, a business that makes handmade crayons out of other old, broken-down crayons. The end result is called the Original Rainbow Crayon.

The owner, Nicole Lewis is a former art teacher in Lebanon and said the idea came from when she was having class on Earth Day and wanted to find a way to make an art project while recycling.

Dick Wolfsie checks out Art 2 The Extreme part 2


“I wanted to come up with a way where it was less stinky and more of a clean process and a unique process,” said Lewis.

The business uses two microwaves to heat up the crayons and a machine that will make splices on the paper from the old crayons so that the paper can easily be removed.

“My husband and I will be watching our favorite show and just be pealing crayons all night long,” said Lewis.

Dick Wolfsie checks out Art 2 The Extreme part 3


Lewis designs crayons of all shapes and sizes — more than 750 to be exact.

“Some of our most popular: I design donut crayons, I create crayons that look like popsicles,” she said.

Many people purchase the crayons for stocking stuffers, birthday favors and parties.

Click the videos to learn more!

Dick Wolfsie checks out Art 2 The Extreme part 4



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