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The use of techniques and creative methods to solve everyday problems making significant changes to human life though they may be positive or negative. Either way, it cannot be denied that technology is rapidly developing affecting our lives completely.


In simple words, interaction is communication. Interaction results in the exchange of data and information. This exchange has industrialized a separate branch of technology.

Communication is a crucial requirement for the,

  • Growth and progress of an individual or group.
  • Development of an organization.
  • Enhancement of techniques and methods.

The most effective way to communicate is to talk. This act of talking has been made easy and stress-free for us by the introduction of various devices and applications.  These applications offer us a variety of benefits including messaging, calling, video calling and media sharing.


The most popular and frequently used method to communicate is online messaging. Numerous platform provides the services of messaging among which Google messaging is the most noticeable.

One of the biggest technological companies in the world is Google with more than millions of active users. Started with the simple functionality of searching and climbed its way up having access to the world’s data. Some of the services that are provided by Google are,

  • Cloud-computing.
  • Search engine.
  • Product advertisement.
  • Product management.
  • Time management.
  • Designing.
  • Navigation
  • Instant messages and communication.

Changing time demands an instant response. Therefore, making online messaging the most popular and frequently used method to communicate. Numerous platform provides the services of messaging among which Google messaging is the most noticeable.

Google provides services of almost seven free of cost messaging applications. Which are,

  • Hangouts
  • Google Allo
  • Google Duo
  • Gmail
  • Inbox
  • Google Voice
  • Android Messages


Hangouts can be considered as Google’s all-in-one messaging application. You can send direct messages, make audio calls, and conduct video conferences. With over a billion installation, it proves itself as a competitive opponent to other messaging applications. In 2017, Google announced the decision of dividing Hangouts into two separate modules: one focusing on the audio and video communication while the other focusing on the messaging aspects.


A smart instant messaging application providing the powerful assistance of Google Assitant but not supportive of short message services (SMS) and multimedia message services (MMS).


Similar to Google Allo that handles instant messaging, Google Duo handles audio and video communication. Although the easiness contributes to the positive image of the application, but certain restrictions or limitations make it a little complicated for the users.

  • Non-Android users, who do not have Duo installed, will not be able to communicate with those users who have duo installed.
  • The call will be transferred to a regular phone call if the other party, an Android user, does not have Duo installed.

4.   GMAIL

The most popular and commonly used application of Google is Gmail. It allows us the send electronic mail as well as receive them. Gmail allows a variety of content to be sent through these electronic mail i. e. files, pictures, documents, links, and others. It also provides us options to use Google Drive as a source for the content. Built-in Hangout and Google Voice enhances the overall performance and enriches the user experience.  Gmail is not only available as a mobile application, but as a web-portal too.

5.   INBOX

Similar to Gmail, a simple and user-friendly interface with features of Artificial Intelligence that ensures optimization and cleanliness. It is available as a mobile application and also as a web-portal. Inbox is integrated with other Google service applications.


Google Voice is an application that allows the user to send messages and make audio calls. It supports both short messaging services and multimedia messaging services. It provides us the services of voicemail and phone call forwarding as well.


A messaging application that concentrates on making the messaging experience more simple and more like texting. 


Each application is providing multiple functionalities. Deciding which application is to be used depends upon the user and their requirements. For example, it is better to send a large size media content through Gmail or Inbox instead of Hangouts etch. And for SMS and MMS, it will be more beneficial to use Android Messages.

Written by NISHA KAZMI

Muhammad Zeeshan

Freelancer and a blogger with a focus on technology.

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