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Technology has disrupted the way companies work today, and the advent of messaging platforms is just an example. While these tools are put in place to facilitate communication between teams, they can also become distractions when not used properly.

Good workplace habits are key to productivity, but is the growing popularity of workplace messengers getting in the way? Software company Nulab conducted a study of 900 full-time employees who use at least one work chat communication platform at their current job, asking about their work chat habits and perceptions. Here’s what they found:

  1. 66% of employees had their work chat platform installed as an app on their phone and reported being distracted for 16 more minutes a day by non-work related conversations (for a total of 43 minutes).
  2. In-person conversations ranked as the top source of distraction at work (47%) followed by phone calls (20%) and chat platforms (15%).
  3. Only 40% of employees believed the work chat platforms made them more productive.

“Social technology platforms not only allow employees to stay connected, but they also improve job satisfaction, retention, and recognition. Yet, just like social media platforms, they can quickly become a distraction,” the study states.

Here’s your quick guide to properly using these platforms:

Be direct

The most annoying chat behavior? Twenty-eight percent of respondents dislike when someone messages “hey” or “hi,” but doesn’t include anything else. Twenty-four percent also list oversharing as a chat pet peeve. Be direct with what you need to discuss and keep your message concise to not waste anyone’s time, including your own. 

Keep conversations focused on the main point to maximize productivity, and make sure personal conversations don’t get in the way of getting the job done. 

Don’t gossip

Eighty-four percent of workers agree that IM platforms at work increase office gossip and nearly 1 in 3 employees admit to using work messaging platforms for just that reason. No one likes an office gossip, and having this clear paper trail can be detrimental to your work and position at your company. 

Avoid excess emojis

Thirty-one percent of senior managers dislike overuse of emojis and 26% of employees overall rate too many emojis as a workplace chat pet peeve. Although the setup may feel informal, don’t forget you’re in a professional environment, so communicate as such.  

Be self-aware

Over 1 in 3 employees mute chat notifications once a week, and 18% have muted messages from a specific co-worker for the sake of productivity. Be aware of when you’re chatting too much and getting in the way of everyone else getting work done.


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