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Samsung claims it has sold 1 million Samsung Galaxy Fold

Netease Technology News on December 13, according to foreign media reports, Yang Song, Sun Yingquan, president of Samsung Electronics, said recently that although Samsung’s foldable mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Fold stumbled during the release process, it still sold 1 million Samsung Galaxy Folds.

According to reports, Sun Yingquan revealed this data at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in Berlin. He said that despite the reliability issues in the Galaxy Fold process, with prices close to $ 2,000, it did not prevent 1 million people from buying the Galaxy Fold. Sun Yingquan said that “1 million people want to use this product for $ 2,000 each.”

The sales of 1 million units are not much compared to the tens of millions of mobile phones sold by Samsung and Apple each quarter, but for such an expensive and unverified device, this sales is still very good, many Smaller handset makers still struggle to sell that number of handsets.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold was officially launched in September this year, a few months later than originally planned, because many evaluation machines frequently failed during use. Samsung canceled its initial launch plan, revised its design and strengthened some parts to reduce the possibility of cell phone failure.

Other foldable smartphones, such as Huawei Mate X, have also experienced delays in shipping, presumably due to concerns about the durability and service life of the phones. But that hasn’t stopped other companies from joining the foldable phone race. Motorola plans to release the new folding Razr in January next year.

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