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The gloomy brain is however so different than a normal brain as it does not only contain 100 million neurons but a brutal corner where thoughts are floating on the brain’s fluid causes a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity along with the supplementary feeling of fear and the worrisome state of hypervigilance in a person who thinks more than his capability of thinking. This is what overthinking is.

The person who overanalyzes the situation is the person who is having a brain that is like an empty jar filled with solicitude, fear, judgmental thoughts and the anxiety which brought the person into disastrous conflict. Overthinking rises when the thoughts contradict the desire. This happens when a brain is holding two opposing thoughts fighting to reach the final destination just like a road having two different paths but the only one can lead to the destination. This creates disharmony in the mind and gives rise to serious mental distress.

Overthinking leads a normal person to such a disastrous stage where his mind works through difficult, complicated, excessive, mope, repine, unsettling thoughts, emotions and experiences to achieve something which his heart desires.

The anxiety, another name of overthinking is a disorder with the capability to overthink everything, everywhere at any time. Overthinking is obsessive thinking or ruminating that feels like a person can’t turn off its brain from the racing thoughts wandering here and there in the brain like a rat on the floor.

If we talk about the main reason for ruminating or overthinking about a situation that surely doesn’t even exist, it is the fearful “what-if” scenarios about things that are wild and created by ourselves due to the wrong imagination and incompetency.

A famous philosopher, Anthony Hopkins once said, “We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap”.

Well, it’s a fact that overthinking kills the person slowly and steadily because nothing in the world can trouble a person as much as his own thoughts. The flow of overthinking and negative thoughts that originate from what-if scenarios is bombarding the consciousness of a normal person every second which is a serious mental and emotional disorder so stop being the prisoner of your own false thoughts that do not even exist at all.

 Some people misinterpret things in order to cause controversy. If people believe that by thinking over they can get a meaningful result or reach the best verdict so it is totally wrong as overthinking can only cause negative vibes in a person. Overthinking is nothing but the art of creating problems.

Concluding the topic with a pro tip that being patient while things are unfolding. Learn to be calm and centered and how not to be controlled by other people’s negativity because you cannot walk around with a button that can easily be pushed.

Written by Maliiha Hasan

Muhammad Zeeshan

Freelancer and a blogger with a focus on technology.

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